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ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com      9/17/2023 8:26:52 AM

Hello dggrafisk.no Admin! My name is Eric and unlike a lot of emails you might get, I wanted to instead provide you with a word of encouragement – Congratulations What for? Part of my job is to check out websites and the work you’ve done with dggrafisk.no definitely stands out. It’s clear you took building a website seriously and made a real investment of time and resources into making it top quality. There is, however, a catch… more accurately, a question… So when someone like me happens to find your site – maybe at the top of the search results (nice job BTW) or just through a random link, how do you know? More importantly, how do you make a connection with that person? Studies show that 7 out of 10 visitors don’t stick around – they’re there one second and then gone with the wind. Here’s a way to INSTANT engagement that you may not have known about… Web Visitors Into Leads is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visi

magill.randell35@msn.com      9/16/2023 2:07:18 PM

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ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com      9/16/2023 8:51:11 AM

Hi dggrafisk.no Webmaster. Eric here with a quick thought about your website dggrafisk.no... I’m on the internet a lot and I look at a lot of business websites. Like yours, many of them have great content. But all too often, they come up short when it comes to engaging and connecting with anyone who visits. I get it – it’s hard. Studies show 7 out of 10 people who land on a site, abandon it in moments without leaving even a trace. You got the eyeball, but nothing else. Here’s a solution for you… Web Visitors Into Leads is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. You’ll know immediately they’re interested and you can call them directly to talk with them literally while they’re still on the web looking at your site. CLICK HERE https://advanceleadgeneration.com to try out a Live Demo with Web Visitors Into Leads now to see exactly how it works. It could be huge for your business – and beca

ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com      9/15/2023 10:23:14 AM

Dear dggrafisk.no Webmaster. My name’s Eric and for just a second, imagine this… - Someone does a search and winds up at dggrafisk.no. - They hang out for a minute to check it out. “I’m interested… but… maybe…” - And then they hit the back button and check out the other search results instead. - Bottom line – you got an eyeball, but nothing else to show for it. - There they go. This isn’t really your fault – it happens a LOT – studies show 7 out of 10 visitors to any site disappear without leaving a trace. But you CAN fix that. Web Visitors Into Leads is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It lets you know right then and there – enabling you to call that lead while they’re literally looking over your site. CLICK HERE http://jumboleadmagnet.com to try out a Live Demo with Web Visitors Into Leads now to see exactly how it works. Time is money when it comes to connecting with

meganatkinson149@gmail.com      9/15/2023 5:05:31 AM

Hi there, We run an Instagram growth service, which increases your number of followers both safely and practically. - We guarantee to gain you 400-1000+ followers per month. - People follow you because they are interested in you, increasing likes, comments and interaction. - All actions are made manually by our team. We do not use any ''bots''. The price is just $60 (USD) per month, and we can start immediately. If you''d like to see some of our previous work, let me know, and we can discuss it further. Kind Regards, Megan To unsubscribe: https://removeme.click/unsubscribe.php?d=dggrafisk.no

ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com      9/14/2023 1:48:40 AM

Dear dggrafisk.no Webmaster! My name’s Eric and I just came across your website - dggrafisk.no - in the search results. Here’s what that means to me… Your SEO’s working. You’re getting eyeballs – mine at least. Your content’s pretty good, wouldn’t change a thing. BUT… Eyeballs don’t pay the bills. CUSTOMERS do. And studies show that 7 out of 10 visitors to a site like dggrafisk.no will by, take a gander, and then head for the hills without doing anything else. It’s like they never were even there. You can fix this. You can make it super-simple for them to raise their hand, say, “okay, let’s talk” without requiring them to even pull their cell phone from their pocket… thanks to Web Visitors Into Leads. Web Visitors Into Leads is a software widget that sits on your site, ready and waiting to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It lets you know immediately – so you can talk to that lead immediately… without delay… BEFORE th

noel@dggrafisk.no      9/13/2023 1:59:37 AM

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rpm@solveques.xyz      9/13/2023 1:38:51 AM

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davida@briones.podiatristusa.sale      9/9/2023 5:41:35 AM

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dfysuite@earnmorenow.info      9/7/2023 8:11:23 AM

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