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mary@voicedirectorysearch3.xyz      7/12/2022 5:14:31 AM

Do you know why your business has been declining over the past few years? 58% of people have used voice search to find information about a local business. Since you didn’t get setup for voice search, you are missing out on all those people. Don’t you think thats a lot of people to miss out on? Resolve that by getting setup for voice search now: https://voicedirectorysearch3.xyz/video/?site=dggrafisk.no Mary Voice Activation Follow-up Specialist Your Alexa Directory 2764 Pleasant Road Suite Suite A PMB 708 Fort Mill, SC 29708 You can skip future marketing messages here: https://voicedirectorysearch3.xyz/unsubscribe.php/?site=dggrafisk.no

multimedia@southeastarrow.com      7/11/2022 11:44:46 PM

Good Morning I wanted to reach out and let you know about our new dog harness. It''s really easy to put on and take off - in just 2 seconds - and it''s personalized for each dog. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty so you can be sure your pet is always safe and stylish. We''ve had a lot of success with it so far and I think your dog would love it. Get yours today with 50% OFF: caredogbest.com FREE Shipping - TODAY ONLY! Best, Suzanne

bea@getlisted.directory      7/11/2022 9:33:53 PM

Hello, did you know that there are 241,120 internet directories in the world. These websites are what drive traffic to YOUR business. Want more traffic? Want more Sales? We can help - today. Your website dggrafisk.no is listed in only 50 of these directories. Get more traffic for your Norway audience. Our automated system adds your website to all of the directories. You can find it here: getlisted.directory/dggrafisk.no Act today, and we will expedite your listings and waive the processing charge! We have a special going on. Use "FRIENDS" on checkout for a 50% discount valid today.

tori@voicedirectorysearch2.xyz      7/11/2022 2:57:09 PM

What is the number 1 reason that you are lacking sales? Its not how much you spend on ads, how good your product is, or how good you are. Its because people can’t find you when they are using siri, alexa and google with their voice. 72% of people who use voice search devices claim they have become part of their daily routines. Your company is not setup for voice search, so your missing out on all those people. Fix that issue now: https://voicedirectorysearch2.xyz/video/?site=dggrafisk.no Tori Voice Activation Follow-up Specialist Your Alexa Directory 2764 Pleasant Road Suite Suite A PMB 708 Fort Mill, SC 29708 You can skip future marketing messages here: https://voicedirectorysearch2.xyz/unsubscribe.php/?site=dggrafisk.no

nsamuelvale101@yaungshop.com      7/10/2022 4:26:38 AM

Free submission of your new website to over 1000 business directories here https://bit.ly/submityoursite1000

eric.jones.z.mail@gmail.com      7/8/2022 7:41:45 AM

Good day, My name is Eric and unlike a lot of emails you might get, I wanted to instead provide you with a word of encouragement – Congratulations What for? Part of my job is to check out websites and the work you’ve done with dggrafisk.no definitely stands out. It’s clear you took building a website seriously and made a real investment of time and resources into making it top quality. There is, however, a catch… more accurately, a question… So when someone like me happens to find your site – maybe at the top of the search results (nice job BTW) or just through a random link, how do you know? More importantly, how do you make a connection with that person? Studies show that 7 out of 10 visitors don’t stick around – they’re there one second and then gone with the wind. Here’s a way to INSTANT engagement that you may not have known about… Talk With Web Visitor is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email

ardis@topdatalist.com      7/7/2022 12:16:06 AM

Hi. TopDataList.com is running a 50% off promotion today for all your data leads. Get 300 million + leads for as little as $75 once off. Use the promo code: FRIENDS on checkout!

omaima.1919w@lokasur.com      7/5/2022 7:22:22 AM

Submit your site to over 1000 directories all with one click here> https://bit.ly/submityoursite1000

nancy@hirevirtualtalent.com      7/3/2022 1:22:01 PM

Hi, This is Nancy, We provide Virtual Employees@ just $7/hr to $10/hr for profiles like Telemarketing, Bookkeeping, Data Entry, Admin Work, Virtual Assistant and Content Writing. You have to pay after we deliver some work to you. Do you have any requirements right now? No need to hire full time. Work with us on requirement basis. Thanks Nancy

eric.jones.z.mail@gmail.com      7/3/2022 7:08:04 AM

Hello, my name’s Eric and I just ran across your website at dggrafisk.no... I found it after a quick search, so your SEO’s working out… Content looks pretty good… One thing’s missing though… A QUICK, EASY way to connect with you NOW. Because studies show that a web lead like me will only hang out a few seconds – 7 out of 10 disappear almost instantly, Surf Surf Surf… then gone forever. I have the solution: Talk With Web Visitor is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. You’ll know immediately they’re interested and you can call them directly to TALK with them - literally while they’re still on the web looking at your site. CLICK HERE http://jumboleadmagnet.com to try out a Live Demo with Talk With Web Visitor now to see exactly how it works and even give it a try… it could be huge for your business. Plus, now that you’ve got that phone number, with our new SMS Text With Lead feature,


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