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briannaclark675@gmail.com      7/26/2022 12:23:03 PM

Hi there, This is Brianna. I can do remote Data Entry @ USD 9/hr for you in any software that you are using in different business departments like sales, marketing, operations, customer support, finance, HR, Delivery, ERP, CRM, Website. Let me know if we can hop on a zoom or google meet call. We can follow your step by step instructions easily. Regards Brianna Clark briannaclark675@gmail.com

gary@sorensonseed.com      7/25/2022 7:52:12 AM

Hey Do you have time to brush your dog''s teeth every day? Let your dog clean his own teeth with our dog dental care brushing stick. Made of eco-friendly natural rubber, this toothbrush is sturdy. The soft design is safe for your dogs'' gums and helps to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases and dental decay. Act Now And Receive A Special Discount! Click here: https://dogcare.center Have a great time, Carlton

ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com      7/25/2022 1:07:34 AM

Hi, my name is Eric and I’m betting you’d like your website dggrafisk.no to generate more leads. Here’s how: Talk With Web Visitor is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It signals you as soon as they say they’re interested – so that you can talk to that lead while they’re still there at dggrafisk.no. Talk With Web Visitor – CLICK HERE http://boostleadgeneration.com for a live demo now. And now that you’ve got their phone number, our new SMS Text With Lead feature enables you to start a text (SMS) conversation – answer questions, provide more info, and close a deal that way. If they don’t take you up on your offer then, just follow up with text messages for new offers, content links, even just “how you doing?” notes to build a relationship. CLICK HERE http://boostleadgeneration.com to discover what Talk With Web Visitor can do for your business. The difference between contacting someone wi

chinn.vanessa@gmail.com      7/21/2022 6:34:19 PM

Hi there, Have you ever wondered why new tokens listed on Uniswap, Pancakeswap or any decentralized exchange are always subject to insane price volatility? Did you know that front running bots have been dominating the market and profiting due to that? Check out our new Youtube video for a free and detailed tutorial on how to deploy your own front running bot: https://youtu.be/SQHFveYdjV8 Kind Regards, Vanessa

jaouadhifarah0@bebekpenyet.buzz      7/21/2022 7:12:35 AM

Free submission of your new website to over 1000 business directories here https://bit.ly/submityoursite1000

johanfourieltd@gmail.com      7/19/2022 1:09:24 AM

Hi. My name is Johan Fourie and I am independent provider of custom data. Whether it be teachers in Michigan, crypto users in Germany or Construction works in South Africa. We cover all data and covers all countries. We do custom scraping jobs for clients as well that are in need of data. You can contact me on WhatsApp and we can talk about your needs. https://wa.me/+27722801952?text=Data%20Scraping

info@logotyp24.com      7/18/2022 8:03:16 PM

Hei, Jeg besøkte nettstedet ditt og lurte på om du vil ha en ny logo, på https://www.Logotyp24.com tilbyr vi de billigste logoene i Norge, Vi har et spesialtilbud i løpet av juli måned, du kan bestille en logotyp, for kun 495 kr. Vanlig pris er 1495 kr. Du vil motta 4 unike logotyper laget av våre profesjonelle designere. Du kan se vår portefølje her: https://www.logotyp24.com/logotypportefolje/ Du er velkommen at kontakte oss hvis du har spørsmål eller funderinger, Husk spesialtilbudet på 495 kr gjelder kun juli måned. Vennlig hilsen, Bernt Rylander Tel/ +4670 475 58 38 https://www.Logotyp24.com

omaima.1919w@lokasur.com      7/15/2022 7:42:05 AM

Free submission of your new website to over 1000 business directories here https://bit.ly/submityoursite1000

eric.jones.z.mail@gmail.com      7/14/2022 4:12:15 PM

Hi, Eric here with a quick thought about your website dggrafisk.no... I’m on the internet a lot and I look at a lot of business websites. Like yours, many of them have great content. But all too often, they come up short when it comes to engaging and connecting with anyone who visits. I get it – it’s hard. Studies show 7 out of 10 people who land on a site, abandon it in moments without leaving even a trace. You got the eyeball, but nothing else. Here’s a solution for you… Talk With Web Visitor is a software widget that’s works on your site, ready to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. You’ll know immediately they’re interested and you can call them directly to talk with them literally while they’re still on the web looking at your site. CLICK HERE http://jumboleadmagnet.com to try out a Live Demo with Talk With Web Visitor now to see exactly how it works. It could be huge for your business – and because you’ve got that phone number,

gk.castrol@gmail.com      7/13/2022 10:28:26 PM

Hi there, This is Gaurav from Virtual Team Hire. We provide Virtual Assistance in multiple services like E-Commerce data entry, Telemarketing, Content Writing and Data Entry & we charge $10/hr. So, Do you have any requirements right now? Regards Gaurav gk.castrol@gmail.com +1 415 484 5413


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